Know Your Worth.

People make time for the things they want in their lives. 

If your significant other says they’re always thinking of you, but haven’t called in a week, and there’s nothing wrong with their phone, their words mean nothing. Even if something was wrong with their phone, they could borrow one to say they miss you. 

The same goes for friends. There’s a difference between being the ring leader who always makes the plans, and the naggy person who keeps reaching out because you know that if you don’t, they won’t reach out to you. 

You are too amazing to waste your time on anyone who doesn’t value it. 

I challenge you to give things the same mentality as people. 

If you want to learn to play guitar, and you own a guitar, or know someone who will let you borrow one, but you never bother to pick it up or take lessons – even YouTube lessons – are you sure you want to learn the guitar?

What are you doing with your time? Is it helping you? Growing you? 

I’m not saying you can’t spend a night on the couch. That can be helpful. Maybe you had a bad day and a few hours of comedy will put you in a better mood. 

But in the long run, is the way that you are spending your time helping you achieve your goals?

You are smart. You’re talented. You’re beautiful. You’re worth it. 

You deserve to reach your goals. 

You deserve love and acceptance. 

It all starts with believing that.

So do me a favor: grab a pen and paper. Write down one long term and one short term goal. Now break those down into smaller steps. Repeat as much as necessary – these are your steps, for your success. You make them as small or as big as you need. 

Now post that paper somewhere you’ll see every day. And each morning, look in the mirror and say, “I am worth it. I deserve this.” Repeat until you believe it. And then keep repeating just because it makes you feel cool in the morning 😎

Have a blessed and productive week, everyone! 


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