Not All Negative Memories are Bad

I’m currently reading The Magic of Thinking Big by David J. Schwartz. The focus of the last chapter was to only deposit and withdrawal positive memories from your memory bank.

To start, I agree with the idea.

I think we should all do our very best to focus on our positive memories, however, I think we should keep in mind that negative thoughts, experiences, and memories are inevitable.

Negative memories are valuable. How would you know not to grab the handle of the boiling pot on the stove if not for that memory of nearly burning yourself?

What about your past relationships? There is a reason that each of those relationships ended.

If you could make all the negative memories disappear so all that was left was the good things, would you not be sitting around wondering why you’re no longer with that person? You may even go back to them until they remind you why you left in the first place.

They key isn’t to focus only on the positive, it is to acknowledge the negative and then supplement it with something positive.

Think of someone close to you that you’ve lost, whether it be to death, they moved away, or you simply grew apart.

Thinking of this person makes you sad. Acknowledge that. Let it in. Feel it.

Now think of how good that person made you feel when they were a part of your life. Think of the times you laughed together. Think of their smile.

You could not possibly miss this person as much as you do, or feel as sad as you do without them, if they had not been so wonderful. If not for the positive memories they gave you, you would have nothing to mourn.

Would you rather go through life never feeling happy because you don’t want to feel sad when it ends?

Or would you rather embrace the lows so you can experience the highs?

We have to experience sorrow to appreciate joy.

Pain keeps us safe. It makes us put on sunscreen, and stop holding our breath after a certain point.

Next time you’re sad, or angry, or scared, just think about how happy, how excited, and how elated you will be when that next great thing comes around.


5 thoughts on “Not All Negative Memories are Bad

    1. Thank you, I very much appreciate that! Right now I post every Sunday, I’m still getting into the groove of my new job and figuring out how early I need to wake up to do other things, but I’m certainly planning to start posting daily. Maybe I can write a weeks worth on the weekend and schedule them, I just am waiting to commit until I’m positive I can keep up with it!


      1. I understand, and I’m working on a plan for that to make the time. I wish writing could be my first priority but unfortunately my job comes first in this chapter of my life 😦

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