When You’re Feeling Down…

Make lists. 

Even if you’re not a writer, you can do this. Grab a journal, notepad, or even type a note on your phone.

Make a list of positive memories. I don’t mean things like “got ice cream yesterday” I mean things that make you grin like an idiot when you think of them, like “I gave Tom a birthday gift and he was blown away by how thoughtful it was and I was never happier to see him so happy.”

Make a playlist of songs that motivate you, inspire you, and/or make you want to dance. 

When you start to feel sad, turn on this playlist. If you’re in an environment where you can, dance. Move your body and forget your worries, even if you’re a bad dancer (I’m terrible) it’s impossible to be sad while you’re dancing.

If you’re, say at work, or something, this is where your written list comes in handy. Read through your good memories, and smile as you read them. Physically smiling will impact your mood. 

As always, I want to mention that there is nothing wrong with being sad and sometimes you need to cry it out and it’s okay to do that. But when you need a pick me up or you need to power through the day before you can make it home and cry it out, try meditating on your happy list. 

Maybe after you won’t feel like crying anymore 🙂


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