Look the Part – Feel the Part

How you feel about yourself has a lot to do with your attitude and outlook to take on the day. 

Someone can tell you you’re beautiful over and over, but if you don’t believe it yourself then that means nothing. 

As you prepare for the day, put on something you love. 

Make sure you’re comfortable – don’t tackle a full work day in heels if you’re not comfortable walking in them. 

If you want to be seen as a serious professional, dress like one. Make sure you feel like one. 

It’s simple, but it can have a big impact. 

If you hate the color of your shirt, feel your outfit is too revealing, think you look inferior to your coworkers, or that you look too fat or too thin…those thoughts are going to keep returning throughout the day. 

If you love how you look, that will give you confidence, and people will notice. 


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