Fear can be a good thing. It steers us away from danger. 

Fear can also be crippling. 

When it comes to being afraid, we need to evaluate what we want and what’s stopping us from getting there.

If you want to go rock climbing but are afraid of getting injured due to lack of experience, that’s probably a good fear. Start with a climbing gym and instructors. 

If you want to travel abroad but are scared you won’t like it, or can’t adapt to the new culture, etc. that’s a crippling fear.

You aren’t going to know whether you like something until you try it – and if you’re not in physical danger, your fear is most likely irrational and holding you back. 

When it comes to trying something new, talk with people who have accomplished your goal. Bring someone with you if you want. Get a mentor or a coach.

Go get your dreams!

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