Forgive Yourself

You have to forgive yourself.

For everything you’ve done that you’re holding on to, and I mean everything.

You can’t go back and change it.

You might be able to fix it, but perhaps not today.

Whatever it is that you did that you think you can’t recover from that makes you so unloveable…. it’s going to keep haunting you until you look in the mirror and tell that person that you’re sorry, that you know they messed up, but that it’s okay.

Nobody is harder on you than you.

It’s not going to be easy.

It hurts, I know. I’m crying about something I can’t forgive myself for as I write this… but I hope that saying it here will give me the strength to do it. To believe it.

Because we all deserve love. Beautiful, unconditional love.

Let’s find it together.


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