Vision Boarding

I read about vision boarding a while ago, but didn’t make mine until yesterday and I’m pretty excited about it so wanted to share the idea! 

The point of a vision board is for you to visualize your goals. Dreaming it is the first step, but you’ve got to visualize it to make it happen. 

You can draw you vision board, use magazine clippings, print out images from the web – whatever you feel like. 

Do you want to be a chef? Add a picture of a chef’s hat or kitchen. 

Dream of the olympics? Print out that goal medal! 

Once your board is complete, take a look at it each day. 

I’m planning to choose one picture each day to focus on – stare at the image and then close my eyes meditate on the image of me with that thing and what that looks like. 

This is a great way to motivate you to keep going to that job you don’t like – and having the board in front of you makes it more than a dream – it’s a goal, it’s a plan. 

Have a wonderful Friday everyone! 


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