Feeling down? Try one of life’s contagious gestures, such as smiling. 

If you’re in a terrible mood and keep your head down all day, it can prolong the mood. 

Instead, trying offering a pleasant smile to everyone you see. 

You don’t have to have a conversation. Just smile at the stranger you pass in the hall or accidentally lock eyes with in the mirror in the bathroom. 

By the end of the day, so many smiles will be returned that your mood is sure to improve 😊


Trash Your Insecurities 

One of my favorite college orientation/group bonding activities is trashing your insecurities.

Write down something that bothers you on a piece of paper, and then get rid of it.

You can crumble the paper, rip it up, run it through a paper shredder, burn it, whatever you feel – have fun with it!

You can do this by yourself or with friends. If you do it in a group there is no obligation to share what you wrote, but feel free if you find that helpful.

Letting go isn’t easy, but you’d be suprised how much a physical representation can help.

Embrace Your Flaws

What is it that you don’t like about yourself?

Your body? Your mind?

Are you bad at tests? Do you get bored easy?

Whatever it is, tell yourself something good about that thing.

Maybe you don’t like being short, but you can fit into small places. One day you may need to rescue a child or animal and only you can do it.

Maybe you’re slow to pick up new skills, but once you master them you’re amazing and that makes you more valuable than the people who pick something up quickly but can’t stick with it.

What you tell yourself about yourself is so important – be kind to you. Love you. You deserve that.

It’s Okay to Skip a Day

Today I just want to remind anyone running into setbacks with their goals that it’s okay – you can skip a day, or 10, and still continue to progress!

I’m doing the 30 days of yoga challenge (search yoga with Adrienne on YouTube if you’re interested) but so far it’s been 40 days since I started, and I’m on Day 19 of the challenge.

It’s important to do what works for you – life happens, and you won’t always be able to work on your goal at the same time every day.

I learned early on that I do yoga best first thing in the morning, or right after work. If I try to do it later than that, I end up rushing, stopping the video early, and don’t get my full practice.

It’s better to skip the day then not practice full out, or shorten your practice. Maybe you committed to practicing the piano for 15 minutes a day, but today you’re really not feeling it. Skip today. Or do 5 minutes of hard concentration instead of 15 rushed minutes.

Whatever is going to help you progress in the long run.

What goals are you working to achieve?