Don’t Fight the Current

During my medication today with the calm app, I loved the quote “When we allow the events of our life to run their course without fighting the current, we can begin to enjoy them.”

Of course, this is another one of those things easier said than done, and by no means are you expected to stop fighting for what you believe in, to reach your goals, or for a better life.

But don’t fight the current of things that will pass on their own.

Get rejected by a potential love interest? Sure, you can call them every day, trying to figure out what went wrong, telling yourself you need closure to move on or you need to know what you did wrong so you can improve. Or you can understand that it’s their loss, and if they don’t want you in their life there’s no point in spending your energy keeping them in yours.

Spill your coffee today? Sure, you can refuse to hold hot liquids for the rest of the day for fear of spilling again because you’re a failure. You can also change your shirt, brew a new cup, take a few deep breaths, and head out to conquer your day.

I spoke to a friend yesterday about moving far away and starting over. He said I could do that with planning and time, to which I responded, but after so much time has passed, all the problems I’m trying to escape will be over.

“So why leave?” he asked.


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