I Go with the Flow

Are you an avid planner?

I am. I like to know exactly when and where everything is happening and show up 10 minutes early with everything I need for whatever it is.

When something gets cancelled last minute, I become frustrated.

If you’re anything like me, try using this mantra today. Rather than getting upset when something changes or comes up without notice, take a moment, breathe, and go tackle that thing.

If you’re naturally spontaneous, and going with the flow comes easy, is there any advice you can offer the anxious ones?


I Deserve

Complete this sentence with whatever you wish to be true for you. 

I deserve happiness. 

I deserve peace. 

I deserve love.

Whatever it is, repeat it to yourself throughout the day.

When you believe it, you’ll be able to work toward achieving it. 

Have a fabulous day!

I Trust

Whether you trust in a higher power, a support system, or someone else, don’t forget to trust yourself. 

Your gut gives you certain feelings for a reason to help you get out of or jump into certain situations. 

Listen to yourself, protect yourself, trust yourself, love yourself. 

I Release

…that which burdens me.

…that which harms me.

…that which no longer supports me. 

What do you need to let go of? 

You might have toxic people in your life, be dwelling on a past event, or holding onto something trying to will it to change. 

Whatever it is, add it to the end of today’s “I Release” mantra and make a conscious effort to let it go. 

You deserve the very best life has to offer of people and things that propel you forward. 

I Am Present

While you’re running around accomplishing all the tasks you need to complete today, don’t forget to listen to your mind and your body. 

Take a rest if you need to. Go for a walk. Get some water. 

Be present in each moment – rather than thinking about what you need to do or where you need to go next, focus on your current task, be fully in the moment with the people around you.