I Am Supported

Although we come into this world and leave it alone, we are not to exist in this world alone. 

We’re all here to help one another – so whatever you’re going through, reach out to your support system. 

Everyone has different gifts, and not everyone will offer the same type of help. 

Maybe you have a friend you don’t feel you can fully confide in, but they know how to brighten your day and will go out to dinner, see a movie with you, or go for a run in the park and chatter about anything to keep your mind off of your problem. 

Maybe you saw that friend yesterday, and today you need to friend who listens to your problem and helps you talk through solutions. 

Tomorrow you might need the friend who says nothing – who drops everything shows up with ice cream and just holds you. 

If you do not have a support system, I strongly suggest plugging in somewhere in your community to get one. This can be a church, a service organization; it could even be a happy hour with a few close coworkers that you seek to build friendships with. 

You are not alone. 

Let’s be there for each other.


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