Better things are coming. Things so amazing you haven’t even thought of them. Don’t lose hope 💕


Note to Self:

I know not everyone believed in Santa and he’s not a part of all cultures, but think if the Santa-equivalent in your life. 

Maybe it was as simple as being 6 and knowing you were going to be a princess or a firefighter.  You didn’t question it, you just knew and believed. 

Then you grew up and were assaulted by life’s downsides and you stopped believing. 

Take back that child-like mentality today. Believe in yourself. Believe with everything you have. You can do this!

Self-Worth and You

Who do you want to be? 

Are you that person? What’s stopping you from being them? 

Does the person you want to be disappoint someone else? Why are you giving someone else so much power? 

Do YOU like who you see when you look in the mirror? 

No? What steps can you take to change/improve? 

Yes? Nothing. Else. Matters. 

I love you. 

Fresh Start

Time waits for no one, but the good thing about that is we get countless fresh starts. 

Every day, week, month, and year comes to an end. 

Embrace your fresh start today!

If your weekend was great, remember it. Let the happiness empower your mood. 

If your weekend wasn’t great, take comfort in it being over. You made it through. 

Happy Monday!

Be Empowered

What empowers you? 

Maybe it’s talking to someone. 

Maybe it’s reading. 

Watching videos. 

Eating breakfast. 

Find whatever that thing is that gives you your morning get up and go!

Don’t Miss Out

Burned you hand grabbing a pot? Cook again. 

Failed a test? Study hard to improve on the next one. 

Tripped during a race? Run again. 

Committed a crime? Be honest. Ask for forgiveness. 

Got cheated on? Love again. 

Been deceived? Trust again. 

Don’t let these experiences or these people, these things of the past, define you. 

You have so much to offer this work. No matter what you’ve done or where you’ve been or what has happened to you: you are worthy of love, happiness, and success. Whatever that looks like for you. 

Please don’t give up because it didn’t work out in the past. Believe that better is out there. Better is the future. Pursue that.


Remember that God will not give you beyond what you can bear, and while people can say/do what they want to try to tear you down, ultimately your life is up to you. 
Show them how tough you are. 

Have a great day!

Yes to What Matters

Are you a person who says “yes” to everything? 

Staying late a work. Meeting a friend for coffee/dinner. Attending a party. Giving someone a ride. Answering the phone every time that one friend calls to ramble for hours.

Many of us struggle with saying “no” especially to our friends and families, because we want to be kind people. We want to be there for those we care about, be viewed as reliable, let them know that we can do it. 

But what about your own time? 

Turning down someone’s request for You Time is okay – and should be done. 

If Sally calls every night at 9 and you really like to read for a couple hours before bed, there is nothing wrong with telling Sally she’ll have to call before 9 or wait until you can get back to her in the morning. 

Saying “no” does not make you weak, it does not make you rude. It makes you strong, and kind to yourself. 

Remember, every time you say “yes” you’re saying “no” to something else. 

“Yes” to staying late at work may mean “no” to quality time with the family.

Say “yes” to what matters.