13 Reasons Why

If you haven’t heard of 13 Reasons Why, it’s a Netflix original based on Jay Asher’s novel about a teenager girl who commits suicide and leaves cassette tapes to the 13 people who impacted her decision. 

This show is extremely relevant and I urge everyone who is in high school or who has teenage children to watch it. 

Many scenes are not easy to watch – that was done on purpose and it’s so important. 

The show illustrates how depression begins and escalates. You will learn warning signs of depression and abuse. The frontal lobe is not fully developed until your 20s, so many adolescents are not able to properly communicate what they are thinking and feeling. 

When you’re young it feels like a certain feeling is going to last forever. Those of us who have been through it and come out of it understand that it is a moment in time, but these kids don’t. They can’t see the end – they can’t feel it. 

As someone who has personally experienced too many of the issues depicted in this series, please watch it, or read the book. Talk to your kids about this. Talk to your friends and your parents. Spread awareness. 

We need to talk about mental illness because it is so common. It shouldn’t be taboo. No one should feel outcast or isolated by asking for help. 

You are not alone. You matter. You deserve to be here. You are loved. 


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