Are We Ever Ready?

There’s this idea that we’re never ready for something; that if we keep waiting until we’re ready, then we’ll ever try. 

I understand the ideal, but I don’t think it’s applicable to all scenarios. 

For example, if you want to run a marathon, you can train for that, and after said training I would think you’d feel prepared and ready to run the marathon. 

On the other hand, if you’ve never run a marathon, even with training you can never fully know what your body will go through and how exactly to pace yourself until you’ve run the marathon and then you learn and tweak your training for the next time. 

I think the heart of this quote is more about fear. If there’s something you want to try or do, but your afraid you won’t succeed or you won’t impress someone or yourself; don’t let that fear stop you and hide behind not being ready or not being prepared. 

Prepare as best you can and then jump in. 

You’ll learn from the experience. Maybe you’ll love it and want to do it again. Maybe you’ll be inspired to do better. Maybe you’ll hate it but at least you know what it was like. 

Whatever it is, just start. At least start preparing. You’ll get there 😊


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