We’ve heard it all before, “If you’re going to pray, why worry? If you’re going to worry, why pray?” … “Worrying is a waste of time” … “Let go and let God” … “Don’t worry” …

But how do we actually stop worrying about the things that ail us? 

For those of us that pray, do we not pray for situations to turn in our favor, or the favor of our loved ones? Even if the prayer is “let your will be done” do we not pray that with a silent wish as to what that will is? 

When someone is wrestling with something, telling them not to worry is like telling a terrified person not to be afraid – they’re already afraid. They’re already worrying. 

It makes more sense to me to acknowledge that which worries us, and make a conscious effort to focus on other things. 

What are your thoughts? How do you push the worries away?


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