In Another

Work to make sure your happiness does not lie in another. 

People will always disappoint you – it’s sad, but true. It won’t always be of their doing. We can’t control whether a friend moves away, a significant other loses interest, or a family member dies. 

If another person is the key to your smile, your world will fall apart when they fail, and it’s up to you to pick yourself back up. 

This negative stigma around selfishness needs to be fought. Yes, we should be there for and help one another to the best of our abilities, but not to the detriment of our own health. 

Notice where your happiness lies today. 


Consider the other perspective today. 

We can’t always see the big picture or understand how things could possibly change – that doesn’t mean they aren’t changing. 

Maybe it’s a friendship, maybe it’s a job…whatever you’re losing, consider what you are gaining as well.

Just Start

It doesn’t have to be perfect, it just has to start. 

Don’t let the fear of not doing something well stop you from trying it. 

After all, practice makes perfect, and where is the journey if we begin everything perfectly? 

Quiet the perfectionist in you today and take that risk you’ve been avoiding. 

Make a Life

Whether you have to work or not, make time to enjoy yourself this weekend. It can be a 2 hour nap, a 5 minute cat video, a 30 minute read – whatever will make you smile and relax. 

Think about your plans before saying “yes” – you can get burnt out running errands or trying to see all of your friends in one night – slow it down and enjoy.

Adventure of Life

Happy Friday!

Through the ups and downs, you made it to the end of the week. 

No matter what happens, stand strong. Look at the roller coaster of life as an adventure. Experiences enrich your life. You’re doing awesome 😊

Protecting or Blocking?

Today’s Shine text: “We often think low expectations protect us from possible failure. Truth is? We’re just blocking our opportunities.”

What are your expectations doing to your opportunities? 

Remember: upgrade your belief to match your vision. 

Just because you can’t see HOW something will turn out at the current time doesn’t mean there isn’t a way. 

No Stress Zone

Happy Hump Day! 

Anyone else having a tough week? 🙋🏽

Take comfort in knowing it’s half over 😊

Some ways I’ve been de-stressing: 

1) Refuse to take my work home. 

Whatever happens at the office stays at the office. I did all I could, I might have stayed late, but once I leave for the day everything else waits until tomorrow. 

2) Yoga

Perfect for relaxing at night or gently starting the day. 

3) Talking to friends

Venting is a good outlet, just make sure it’s to the right people. 

What are your tips and tricks to relieve stress after long work days?

30 Days

Consider taking a 30 day social media hiatus. 

This doesn’t necessarily require deleting or deactivating your accounts. It can be as simple as removing the apps from your phone or removing the bookmarks from your web browser.

Imagine 30 days without access to what everyone else is doing. 

30 days where you don’t feel left out because you don’t watch the outing occur without you.

30 days where you stop comparing, because there’s nothing and no one to compare yourself to. 

30 days where you truly focus on you. 

Tell Someone

Don’t forget to tell someone special today how much they mean to you and how much you appreciate them. 

We talk so much about self love, but let’s work toward healthy balance! 

Take Back This Day

To anyone who’s day is not off to a good start (like mine): 

Let’s power through this. 

What can we control? Let’s change all of the things we can and take back this day. 

For the things we can’t control, let’s do our best not to let them control us. 

If you’re feeling angry, if you’re sad, if there’s something that happened over the weekend that deeply impacted you and you just can’t get it off your mind – acknowledge that. Maybe you need a moment – step away from your desk, take a drink of water, do some deep breathing – but take that moment. 

Maybe you’ll need various moments throughout this day but you will get through it. 

This day is yours. You have choices. Maybe many choices and maybe few – but make the ones you can. Take back this day.