Letting Go Isn’t a One-Time Thing

And it’s not just physical things or people, but also thoughts and emotions.

Showing up to work dwelling on something a coworker said that offended you a few days ago is not productive for you. 

If you’re a negative self-talker, fighting that is a daily process. You can’t pump yourself up one day and think it’s ended the negativity forever. 

Baby steps!

Intelligence Having Fun

The hardest part about being a creative person to me is needing an outlet. I get bored easily, I constantly need to listen to music, read, watch tv, sing, play an instrument…anything where I can watch/tell a story and experience emotion. 

Kind of hard to do sitting in an office all day, right? 

That’s where color coding my email comes in. Or making a game out of my tasks with prioritizing and setting new deadlines to race against the clock. 

Challenge your mind to have some fun this week šŸ˜Š


Consider the other perspective today. 

We can’t always see the big picture or understand how things could possibly change – that doesn’t mean they aren’t changing. 

Maybe it’s a friendship, maybe it’s a job…whatever you’re losing, consider what you are gaining as well.

Make a Life

Whether you have to work or not, make time to enjoy yourself this weekend. It can be a 2 hour nap, a 5 minute cat video, a 30 minute read – whatever will make you smile and relax. 

Think about your plans before saying “yes” – you can get burnt out running errands or trying to see all of your friends in one night – slow it down and enjoy.

Adventure of Life

Happy Friday!

Through the ups and downs, you made it to the end of the week. 

No matter what happens, stand strong. Look at the roller coaster of life as an adventure. Experiences enrich your life. You’re doing awesome šŸ˜Š