If You Want to Fly…

What is weighing you down or holding you back?

Is there something or someone that is causing you more harm than good?

What would your life look like without that person or thing?


What If You Fly?

Remember, doubt kills more dreams than failure ever will.

What’s the worst that can happen if your dream never comes true?

Things would likely stay the same, right?

Maybe the fear is fear of the change that success will bring. Of changing your life, disrupting your routine, giving you a new normal.

What if you fly?

Happy Place

I read a post on Instagram the other day that said “Your happy place doesn’t always have to be a place. It can be a song, a book, a movie, a musical instrument, a person, or anything that makes you feel something inside. Don’t let anyone define your happy place, it belongs to you.”

What is/are your happy place(s)? Are you making the time to escape there?

Look Good, Feel Good

I loveĀ This is Us, and in one of the episodes there is a discussion between two characters about how our outer appearance is a reflection of how we feel on the inside.

Do I agree with this? Not completely – it’s about perspective again.

You can cover up what you feel are imperfections, and you can feel great about it. Nobody can see your zit and you love having a flawless face. It can also result in feeling in secure, because you worry someone will see that birth mark and think it isn’t beautiful.

You can hide behind clothes, hair, or makeup; once again out of insecurity, because you don’t feel attractive or don’t like your body. But you can also do this out of comfort. If you prefer blending in and hate to be put on the spot in class or in a meeting, it makes sense to put on something that reflects that and feel good as a result.

As you get ready this week, ask yourself why you’re making the decisions that you do. How do you feel? Do you look your best? Do you like putting on makeup or do you think that you have to? Did you grab a fancier looking shirt and put it back because you thought someone in the office would comment on you being too dressy? Did you grab jeans and put them back because someone might say you’re too casual? Are you fixing your hair for you, or someone else?

So what do you think? Is our outward appearance a reflection of our inner feelings?


Ready for 2018?

The end of the year is approaching, which means it’s almost resolution time.

Whether you believe in making New Years Resolutions or not, I like to set short and long term goals for the year and track my progress in my planner.

My biggest goal for this year was to complete my novel, which admittedly hasn’t happened yet, but I have made huge strides and still have a month and a half for my final push!

One of my goals for next year is to be informed – I do a terrible job of watching the news. A friend recommended The Skimm, check it out here.

How did you do on this years goals? There’s still time! It’s never too late to start. Maybe you’re on a 5 year plan – what was your progress this year? What are you going to make happen in 2018?


Just saw this quote on fb and wanted to share: “You cannot heal in the same environment where you got sick.”

Let’s reflect on this for a minute.

There’s a reason doctors say to change your toothbrush after an illness, right? It holds the virus/bacteria and will make you sick again. People go to hospitals to be treated in sterile environments.

How about emotional health? Those suffering in physical or emotionally abusive relationships have to be removed from the relationship before they can begin to heal.

On the flip side, this is not to say you should pick up and move whenever something bad happens.

Say there’s an incident at work and you need to find a new job – a new job in the same city is still a new environment.

Have a toxic friend? Distancing yourself from them, choosing different hangouts, not inviting them over, etc. will change your environment. You don’t need to move across the country.

Unless you want to move across the country, out of the country, and you have the means…then do you! Enjoy yourself!

How are you doing? Are you trying to heal in the environment where you got sick? Is it time for a change?


We’ve heard it all before, “If you’re going to pray, why worry? If you’re going to worry, why pray?” … “Worrying is a waste of time” … “Let go and let God” … “Don’t worry” …

But how do we actually stop worrying about the things that ail us? 

For those of us that pray, do we not pray for situations to turn in our favor, or the favor of our loved ones? Even if the prayer is “let your will be done” do we not pray that with a silent wish as to what that will is? 

When someone is wrestling with something, telling them not to worry is like telling a terrified person not to be afraid – they’re already afraid. They’re already worrying. 

It makes more sense to me to acknowledge that which worries us, and make a conscious effort to focus on other things. 

What are your thoughts? How do you push the worries away?

Be over Do

I read a quote on Instagram today that said “you’re a human BEing not a human DOing, focus on who you want to be and you’ll be lead to actions to support that. 

I love this because some of us get so caught up in not liking our every day tasks at work that we forget where doing those tasks for a bit may lead us. We complain about things that bother us or frustrate us, ignoring how those experiences are shaping us for the future. 

Who do you want to be? 

In Another

Work to make sure your happiness does not lie in another. 

People will always disappoint you – it’s sad, but true. It won’t always be of their doing. We can’t control whether a friend moves away, a significant other loses interest, or a family member dies. 

If another person is the key to your smile, your world will fall apart when they fail, and it’s up to you to pick yourself back up. 

This negative stigma around selfishness needs to be fought. Yes, we should be there for and help one another to the best of our abilities, but not to the detriment of our own health. 

Notice where your happiness lies today.