Change the World

It’s so easy to get discouraged when people don’t believe in us or when we feel like we’re not “progressing.”

When things get tough, remember why you started them. 

Prove the haters wrong. You’ve got this!

Halfway There!

We’re halfway through the week, so I invite you to take a moment and celebrate what you’ve already accomplished. 

That task at work. Getting to the office 2 days in a row. The first paragraph of that paper. Cooking a healthy meal instead of ordering pizza. Going for a run. Doing anything active. 

YOU did that. 

You’re awesome 😊

At the Same Time

My favorite Taylor Swift lyric is “we’re happy, free, confused, and lonely at the same time. It’s miserable and magical.”

I love it because of the accuracy. 

Some people say it’s impossible to feel conflicting emotions at the same time, but it’s very possible. 

You can feel happy despite receiving bad news. Free although your boss/teacher/parent makes many of your decisions. Confused even when you’re following an explicit set of instructions. Lonely when surrounded by people. 

It sucks. It’s…miserable.

But also magical. 

Because you’re human. And you’re able to feel things. Many things. How many creatures are this complex? Our brains are magical. 

Sometimes you feel all the things. At the same time. And that’s totally okay. You’re not crazy. You’re human. 

Embrace everything today. Let it all in. Take deep breaths. You’re still here for a reason. 😊

Note to Self:

I know not everyone believed in Santa and he’s not a part of all cultures, but think if the Santa-equivalent in your life. 

Maybe it was as simple as being 6 and knowing you were going to be a princess or a firefighter.  You didn’t question it, you just knew and believed. 

Then you grew up and were assaulted by life’s downsides and you stopped believing. 

Take back that child-like mentality today. Believe in yourself. Believe with everything you have. You can do this!

Own Your Customs 

Today’s Shine text talked about owning your customs or rituals, such as singing in the shower, dancing while you get ready for the day, or having your morning coffee. 

These things set our tone and mood for the day – many of us are crabby if we miss that cup of coffee. I can’t leave the house without my phone because I like to play certain music on my drive to work. 

Whatever it is that makes you feel good – keep that habit. If you have to wake up earlier to do yoga or make a smoothie – do it! 

These little rituals can have a lasting habit on your day, mood, and outlook.