Happy Easter!

Wishing everyone and their families a Happy Easter Sunday!

To the believers, take some time to remember what Jesus has done for you, that he is in your corner always, cheering for you, helping you, and loving you. We can’t always hear God and His plan sometimes takes a while to be revealed to us, but may His plan be revealed to you in time and may you see how He uses your friends and family or even strangers to speak to you and encourage you.

To any non-believers, the principle is the same. If there isn’t a God to you there is still a person on this Earth who loves you and wants to see you succeed (if you don’t believe that either, I love you and want you to succeed – so there at least one šŸ˜Š). May you be blessed and encouraged today as well.

You deserve happiness, love, and peace.



Look around at the gift of nature God gave to us. 

Flowers bloom slowly…but with a little water and sunlight they grow strong and beautiful. 

They’re a reminder for us to feed our bodies and souls, not to rush and not to worry, and everything will be accomplished. 

Don’t Miss Out

Burned you hand grabbing a pot? Cook again. 

Failed a test? Study hard to improve on the next one. 

Tripped during a race? Run again. 

Committed a crime? Be honest. Ask for forgiveness. 

Got cheated on? Love again. 

Been deceived? Trust again. 

Don’t let these experiences or these people, these things of the past, define you. 

You have so much to offer this work. No matter what you’ve done or where you’ve been or what has happened to you: you are worthy of love, happiness, and success. Whatever that looks like for you. 

Please don’t give up because it didn’t work out in the past. Believe that better is out there. Better is the future. Pursue that.


Remember that God will not give you beyond what you can bear, and while people can say/do what they want to try to tear you down, ultimately your life is up to you. 
Show them how tough you are. 

Have a great day!

Delayed Gratification

My mom often says “sometimes you just have to sit in your discomfort” and until recently it made no sense to me. I think I just didn’t like how she phrased it. 

I prefer to think of it as delayed gratification. 

In most job settings, its customary to give 2 weeks notice, but usually that’s the employes choice. You CAN just up and leave. But what’s 2 more weeks in a job you don’t like to keep a positive relationships with the employer? You may need to return to that job, or use them as a reference. 

I’ll give you a personal example: I absolutely detest the apartment I live in. 

The management is horrible and rude, many days I go without hot water, there are too many bugs, the neighbors take noisy to a whole new level, the list goes on…well my lease is up in September. 

I’ve already found my new apartment, it’s still being built. It’s supposed to finish in August, but I learned the other day that it will actually be ready in May. When I got that notification, I strongly considered breaking my lease or even paying rent at both places for 4 months. Living here causes my psyche that much stress. 

But God told me to be patient. Save my money. Good things come to those who wait. 

Whatever it is that’s causing you heartache, take comfort in knowing it’s not forever, even if it feels like it and you can’t see a way out. 

For some of you, you CAN see a way out, and that makes it worse for you because it isn’t time to leave. You want to run to the exit but you have to walk or crawl. 

Good things come to those who wait. 

We will get there, and it will be beautiful. 

Keep trying. You’re doing fine, and you’re exactly where you need to be. 

I Love

We must learn to love ourselves before we can give love to others; however, we must be conscious not to love ourselves so much that we forget to love our neighbors.

This morning I read an article written by David Yost who played the original blue ranger on theĀ Power Rangers. He talks about his struggle working in entertainment as a gay man in the 90s, and how trying to stop being gay almost drove him to suicide. If you’re interested in the full article, readĀ it here.Ā It really spoke to me about love.

As a Christian, my job is to spread and share love, and part of that is helping others accept and love themselves and not tear them down by telling them they don’t belong in society.

Of course, I do believe there are absolute truths in the world, and if the Bible says that something is wrong or is a sin then that is true; however, I also believe that God does not put weight to sin. If all sin is equal in the eyes of God, then two men having sex is the same as me lying, you stealing, or someone else killing.

No matter how many conversations we have or how many degrees one person may earn in their life, none of us will ever be able to fully feel and understand the struggles of another.

Whatever your battleĀ is, the solutionĀ is between you and God, but as a fellow humanĀ it is my duty to help you through it and ease your time on this earth in whatever way I can.

You are so special, and you belong here. I can’t tell you what your purpose is or when you will find it, but I can tell you that you have one, and because of that you should never settle.Ā Love yourself so much that you’re willing to wait.

If you’re looking to get married, to find fulfilling work, to move to a new city, to learn a new skillĀ – whatever it is – if the opportunity comes and does not feel quite right, then let it go.

Fear will tell you to jump on the train because another may never come and you’ll spend the rest of your life at the station. That is not true.

If you don’t feel in your heart that it is right, then let the train pass. Another will come, and it will take you to the proper destination.

Love others so much that you’re willing to not have full comprehension. You don’t have to understand your child to love them. You don’t have to agree with your friend’s choices to lend an ear and a voice of reason. You don’t have to know why a person is standing on the street to offer them the spare change in your wallet.

Love is what will save us. Love is what you deserve. Let’s spread more of it.