Quit Living in the Past

Whether it’s a negative thing that you feel ruined your life or a positive thing that you long to relive, I think all of us have struggled with focusing on the past at one time or another.

The past cannot be erased and should not be forgotten. Memories drive a lot of our decisions – how do you know you love roller coasters? Because of the thrilling memory of your last theme park adventure.

That being said, it’s important not to dwell on the past. If you find yourself having thoughts of “this can never live up to that, so there’s no point in trying” take a step back and stop yourself. Say no to these thoughts.

I struggle with returning to music, because I was so good at my instruments in high school. I wrote an entire album that my friends loved. When I fell into depression, I didn’t touch my instruments for years. Now I’m back at a beginner level, and for a long time I would stare at my guitar and think, “I’ll never be as good as I was, so why bother?” And I didn’t. It sat there and collected dust for years.

Back to the roller coaster example, there had to be an initial decision to try it before the memory could be formed. I had to learn to play guitar and piano before I could write and share songs.

It’s possible to start again. Things are changing every day. New opportunities are popping up all the time 😊


Quit Fearing Change

Change is inevitable. Even if you were to live in the same place and work the same job your whole life, you will get older. Friends will come and go. Management and coworkers will change.

We don’t always get a roadmap. Sometimes all we get is a feeling that it’s time. Listen to that. You might not know what it’s time for, exactly. Should you move? Down the street or out of the country? Should you look for a new job? Should you take piano lessons? Should you go back to school?

The specifics are hard. But you will feel it when it’s time for a change, and then keep your eyes peeled for the opportunities.

It may help to plan for the changes, such as building a savings account if you think you may want to go back to school some day. Start networking so you have connections to reach out to should you desire a job change.

How are you embracing change?

Ready for 2018?

The end of the year is approaching, which means it’s almost resolution time.

Whether you believe in making New Years Resolutions or not, I like to set short and long term goals for the year and track my progress in my planner.

My biggest goal for this year was to complete my novel, which admittedly hasn’t happened yet, but I have made huge strides and still have a month and a half for my final push!

One of my goals for next year is to be informed – I do a terrible job of watching the news. A friend recommended The Skimm, check it out here.

How did you do on this years goals? There’s still time! It’s never too late to start. Maybe you’re on a 5 year plan – what was your progress this year? What are you going to make happen in 2018?